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IN STOCK: Deck of Creepy Cryptids

Give your tabletop RPG a dark taste of Appalachian folklore and terror.

IN STOCK: Deck of Creepy Cryptids

Spice up your tabletop RPG with some advisaries from Appalachia and beyond! Chances are your players have memorized (or soon will) the typical beasts in your favorite RPG monster book, so throw them a cryptid curve ball with the DECK OF CREEPY CRYPTIDS!

We've been using local cryptid lore in our RPGs for years, and now you can too. This deck is designed for gaming convenience, a cryptid on the front side and the stats on the back. This allows the GM to easily show players what their characters see while having easy access to the
secret cryptid stats.

This deck is designed for use with Old School Essentials and other old school throwback systems.

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